Save Our Parks


Tune: Old MacDonald



Our Alberta has some parks Eyi, Eyi Oh

And to these parks we love to go Eyi, Eyi Oh

With a grey jay here and a big moose there

Here a dear, there a bear

Pristine land is everywhere!

We adore Alberta’s Parks Eyi, Eyi,Oh



Then the UCP got in Eyi, Eyi, Oh

Their plan for parks is such a sin Eyi, Eyi, Oh

Blow up mountains here, for a strip mine there

Sold off here, shut down there

Campsites lost from everywhere!

We don’t want our parklands sold

Eyi, Eyi, Oh!!



For our parks we have to fight Eyi, Eyi, Oh

Cos their destruction’s just not right Eyi, eyi, Oh

With an email here, and a letter there

Here some chalk, there some chalk

Sing our songs out everywhere!

Save the parks we love and know

 Eyi, Eyi, Oh


Written by Calgary Raging Grannies, Spring 2020, after the UCP government stated it would sell certain parks, which it then restated as not sell, but “transfer” which it then restated as no, not “transfer” but “delist”, then sell.