Wall-To-Wall Carpets

Tune:  My Favourite Things


Wall-to-wall carpets and bone china dishes

Crystal aquariums, exotic fishes

Gold-plated faucets, a toilet that sings

These are a few of our least favourite things.

We’re bombarded with junk mail from stores like the Bay

They’re shoved in our houses, whatever we say

Buy this and buy that, use credit to pay

Try to buy frivolous things every day!

But…Coal fired-energy adds to pollution

Windmills and solar are better solutions

Stop killing our forests and spoiling our land

All in response to the corporate demand.

This is stupid – really stupid!

We must all get mad!!

Our garbage reduce, wasteful spending refuse –

Our world wouldn’t BE SO BAD!!


Date Last Used by YYC Grannies:  April  2016

Copyright: N/A