We Love Democracy

Tune: You are my Sunshine

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW9g8jI2XuM

We love democracy,  we need democracy

We will dissent when our morals say

We have our voices  and we will use them

Please don’t take democracy away

And we object to your squelching protest

We love discussion, we love debate

And we will value  different opinions

We abhor a heavy-handed state

In our democracy, it’s OUR democracy

There is no room for Bill One’s flaws

We love our Charter… and Bill One scares us

We abhor this heavy handed law

So in Alberta, we have to fight for

The right to gather and disagree

When those elected… will not protect it…

We will fight for our democracy. 

Written by the Calgary Raging Grannies, revised in July 2020 in response to the UCP passing a vaguely worded bill banning protest in public and private spaces.  It was first written in April 1999 in response to government pronouncements that the Opposition serves no purpose, and teachers may lose their right to strike.  It was first revised in March 2015 for a rally against Bill C-51, Harper’s secret police bill.