Cycle of Abuse

Tune:  My Darling Clementine

There’s a cycle, there’s a cycle

There’s a cycle of abuse

Threats and beatings, harsh mistreatings

There’s a cycle of abuse.

How to break it, that’s the question

For all people far and near

So all creatures on the planet

Can walk safely, without fear.

We as Grannies, take the challenge

And with thought we do reflect

On women ‘s right to live in safety

We demand that all respect.

Now all people have a mission

In this universal scheme

Of enlisting ever PERSON to

Support the global dream.

Author: Raging Grannies Songbook, 1992;

Revised by Calgary Raging Grannies 2008

Date Last Used by YYC Grannies:   (No  info)