Found a Face Mask

Tune: Found a Peanut



Found a face mask 

Found a face mask

Mr. Shandro gave the crew 

Last night I tried the face mask

Wore it for my whole shift through

Got a nose bash, caused a face rash 

Didn’t fit my face at all 

Last night I tried  the face mask ….

Drove me up the friggin’ wall

Mr. Prasad, in procurement 

Is so sure the damn thing works  

Has he tried it? Worn it all day?

And the next day, does it hurt?

Mr. Kenney, try the face mask

Keep it on all week we ask

Doesn’t fit right? Harsh and smelly? 

Mr. Kenney  –  try the mask! 

Those who say the mask is alright

Please do try this simple task

Wear the new mask at your OWN  job 

Cut the crap and try the mask!

Calgary Raging Grannies, spring 2020 Our provincial government procured face masks, largely from a foreign source, and one local company personally related to a UCP source. The masks were of inferior quality, but officials responsible insisted they were ‘fine’. Many of these masks were given away at businesses owned by certain UCP MLAs.