It’s So Heavy Feeling Blue

Tune: On the Sunny Side of the Street


It’s so heavy feeling blue

It’s a burden, that is true

The world just looks so grey

All the colours have gone away.

You don’t trust yourself at all

You just feel hopeless and so small.

Each morning is so tough

Getting up can be so rough.


But there’s hope for you yet

Your close friends won’t forget

There’s counselling for you

And, maybe, medicines too.

And it may take a long time, friend

But one day you’ll be on the mend

Saying “There’s a way!”

I just know I will be okay.

Your world will then be so bright

Your spirit will take new flight

So trust me when I say

Depression will not stay.

There’s a future for you at last

The low moods may be past

So keep hoping things will clear

For recovery could be near.

Author:  Calgary Raging Grannies

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Copyright:  EMI Music Publishing