Thank You song



Tune: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Video of Grannies and Friends of Grannies:  



Thanks to all the great women
Your leadership’s been strong.
We’ll give you a nod Trudeau,
Most things you’ve not done wrong.
But Hinshaw, Freeland, Hadju
And more have shown today,
That all around this country,
The women lead the way!


Thanks to all the great workers
You’re helping us get through.
Every day you risk your lives
We’re so grateful to you!
When all of this is over
There’s some will face a fight.
But we will stand beside you
Because that’s just not right.

Thanks for social distancing
You all can stand up tall.
For Alberta’s government
We have no thanks at all!!!
You’ve wasted public money
On oil not worth a cent,
You’re driving out good doctors,
Who now can’t pay their rent!


We can’t thank the UCP
They’re making life too rough,
Ramming through their rotten bills,
We all have had enough!!


Calgary Raging Grannies, spring 2020