Get a Grip, Alberta



Tune: My Darling Clementine


There’s a cycle, a roller coaster

In Alberta, that’s our fate

Selling oil as fast as we can —

As if the stuff went out of date.


Not to mention, piddly royalties

For those of us, who own the stuff

Corporate oil tears, oh such hooey

Every quarter, earnings up. 


There’s a crisis, that’s for certain

In our brains and on our land

A fire sale to sell our bitumen

Cannot be the energy plan.


Production’s rising, can you believe it?

More fossil fuel is the party line!

The experts tell us we need to leave it

But more oil out, so more pipeline. 


Our problem is, consumption’s GROWING

People, give your heads a shake

Our poor climate, kicked and battered

The very planet is at stake.



How to crack this, that’s the question

Please Albertans, have some guts

We need DE-growth on our planet

Stop expanding, are we nuts?


Hear your Grannies, stop stupid buying….

Earth has limits to its growth

Oceans gagging, people dying

Heed your Grannies, enough’s enough!


[Slowly, wearily ….]

At least we have a carbon tax that

Seeks to make the users pay…..

If you have another plan, dear

Tell us now, not Apocolypse day.


Granny Lynn, Calgary Raging Grannies, April 2019