Homelessness Rap

Tune: Spoken to the beat of a tambourine

See Grannies Perform:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN3BX7__KHY

Homelessness, homelessness,

Think it’s a state of bliss?

We’ve got news – news for you:

It ain’t no gas to freeze your ass!

(4 count)

Oh sure – blame the poor.

Victimhood ain’t no good

But empowerment can make a dent.

(4 count)

Homelessness spells hopelessness.

We all need a safe warm place

Where alienation is displaced.

We don’t want more shelters – or food banks.

Let’s cut the numbers in the homeless ranks.

(4 count)

Homelessness is a disgrace.

For this city of ours to face.

So government help us out.

Let children have – a stable place.

Everyone’s happier, without a doubt.


Author: Calgary Raging Grannies, 2006

Date Last Used by YYC Grannies:  2014

Copyright: N/A