Pink Slip

Tune:  My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean


I’m worried for Alberta’s healthcare,

The minister hasn’t a clue.

He’s picking a fight with our Doctors,

While Covid 19’s rushes through!

Stop that, stop that

Our good doctors, they have a job to do.

Stop that, stop that

Or they’ll leave in droves when it’s through!

I’m worried for our education,

The minister hasn’t a clue!

She’s laid off all the support workers,

Now vulnerable children will lose!

Stop that, stop that

Those workers were getting the children through!

Stop that, stop that

Those workers had a job to do!

This song it could go on for ages.

The UCP hasn’t a clue!

Their budget and bills are outrageous.

They’re taking Albertans for fools!

Wake up, wake up,

And show them Albertans are not all fools!

Wake up, wake up

And show them Albertans aren’t fools!

Written by Calgary Raging Grannies, spring 2020