Recruitment Song

 Tune: Beverly Hillbillies theme

See Grannies Perform:(


Well, listen to my story ‘bout a woman that I know

Vowed to give up ironing and wearing panty hose

She said I’m gonna take a stand just you wait and see

So she googled Raging Grannies right here in Calgary

fossil fuels!  fossil fogies!  Bad for ducks!

Well the next thing you know she’s a-carrying a sign

Givin’ Stephen and the boys a piece of her own mind

She was wearing an outrageous hat the day that she was born

With a pamphlet in her parasol, she’s singin’ up a storm

Storm of protest; oh shy violet;  blow your horn!

So if doilies leave you cold and you want to take a stand

Against the greedy forces that are ruining this land

Get a bee in your bonnet and a yen for the stage

Then come on girl, join us now because it’s time to rage!

Raging grannies!  old age! not for sissies!

Well now it’s time to move along we’ve got some work to do

But come on down and talk to us we need someone like you

No perfect pitch is necessary nor a pretty face

All you need is lots of heart and in the proper place

Place for you, Raging Granny, your name here!

Author: Granny Penny; Calgary Raging Grannies

Date Last Used by YYC Grannies: Updated 2017