Women and Politics Medley

Tune 1: I’se the B’ye

 We’re the women who did the work

So men could get the credit-

We said “Leave it all to us”

And wish we’d never said it

Politics was not for us

We left it to our spouses

But now we know a woman’s place

Is Parliamentary Houses

Tune 2: If you’re Happy and You Know It

We need WOMEN on the ballot every race

Take a chance, stand up and show your face

Run yourself; support another –

Your friend, your niece, your mother

Put a woman into office, that’s her place!

Couch potatoes on the sofa,  Go and vote

Take a chance,    put down that remote

Missing Netflix,     what a pity!

Check out real life in our city

Don’t miss the boat – go and vote

If you can’t be bothered voting, think again

If you can’t be bothered voting, think again

Keep in mind as it’s worth noting

If good folks don’t get voting

(Slowly ) Some toads we’d all reject will probably win.

If your MP seems to really be a toad

You can tell this rep to simply hit the road

Stop ignoring your opinions, and wasting multi-millions

GO and change the system with your vote!

Tune 3: Lord of the Dance

VOTE! VOTE!  Whomever you may choose….   This is the time when they hear your views

Election day, let’s get out and VOTE……  This is the time when you snooze, you lose.

Tune 4:  It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

It’s raining, it’s pouring

Elections are never bor-ing!

Just go to the poll;   Put X in the hole,

And feel good in the morning!

Tune 5: Side by Side

Oh….We’re just a gaggle of – Grannies

Urging you off of your – fannies

We’re telling you straight

It’s really your fate

To change the world

So… We may be a gaggle of —Grannies

But we’re getting off our — fannies

We’re telling you now

Your grannies know how

We want YOU to vote!

Tune 6: Tavern in the Town

There are women in our town, in our town

Who are bravely breaking ground, breaking ground

And we tip our hats to the wondrous work they do

And praise the troopers on this crew.

Holy smokes we can’t believe it!

All the programs women seeded

And we love it that these women really care, they care!

And SO this day we honour you, honour you

And the amazing work you do, work you do

(Action: Take hats off)

And we TIP our hats to the UTurn Project *too

Today, the Grannies honour you!

Holy smokes we can’t believe it!

All the projects they have seeded!

And we love it that these women really care, they care!

Author:  Compiled by Granny Lynn, Calgary Raging Grannies

Copyright: None

Additional Notes: Can change words in green to reflect relevant group

Date Last Used by YYC Grannies:  2018 – IWD